Welcome to the College-Pickem Football Challenge!

1. Sign up

Fun and cool prizes are just ahead, and it doesn't cost you a dime. Just go to the sign-in page and complete the information in order to create your account. We need this information to contact you when you win. We respect your privacy and never give this information to anyone.

2. Study the teams

Don't worry, we've prepared all the cliff notes for you. We will provide you with helpful hints and news items from (college/pro) football each week.

3. Pick your winners

Click on each team to choose a winner for each game listed. It's that simple! Then predict the score for the tiebreaker game. Your picks are saved automatically when selected.

4. Keep your receipt

Feel free to print this page to follow your picks.

5. Follow the Standings

After all the games are completed each week, you can log in and view the Leaderboard page to see you stack up with your competition.

6. Have fun!